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The following image shows the initial aspect of the Listening editor.

Initial aspect of the Listening editor.

To define an exercise of the Listening type you have to:

  • Write the Activity name, check the checkbox Active or leave it unchecked to change the state of the exercise and select whether you are going to work with Uppercase or Lowercase words.
  • Select if you are going to work with Sounds or Videos.
  • Then pick the available letters from the list at the center of the windows. Pupils will have to identify these letters when they do this exercise. You can add up to 7 different letters to the list placed on the right of the screen by using drag and drop.
  • Each letter in the list has got an image and sound or video assigned. They can be changed doing double click on the resource. It will unfold a list containing all the resources assigned to the letter in order to be changed.
  • Finally, you could add a Description and a Sound of sentence to the exercise.
  • As long as you are making changes, you are able to check the Concepts included in the exercise as they are shown in the list placed on the right of the window.

You can see the Listening editor aspect after an exercise edition.

Listening edited exercise.
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