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To access the panel that allows the management of the exercises that will be used in PATIO, you have to press the Exercises button located at the Importer/Exporter panel.


Exporter Tab

This tab allows you to create a package of exercises that exist in the actual database. A package is a file that contains all the required information about the exercises and it can be imported to another database.

Exercise Exporter

Adding exercises to the package

To add exercises to the package, you have to select the exercise group from the Exercise group panel. Next, you have to select the exercise type in the Exercise type panel and the Exercises panel will show all the exercises of the selected exercise type. Finally, you have to select the desired exercises and press the Add button located at the center of the window and that is shown in the following image.

Add button

After pressing the button, the selected exercises will be added to the Selected exercises panel located at the right section of the window.

Removing exercises from the package

To remove previously added exercises, you have to select them from the Selected exercises panel and press the Del key of the keyboard or the Delete button located at the center of the window. The Delete button is shown in the following image.

Remove button

Exporting the package

To create the package file with the selected exercises, you have to press the Export button located at the bottom of the Selected exercises panel. A new window will appear to select the package name and the place where you want to store it.

Importer Tab

The Importer tab allows you to import the packages that were created by the packages exporter.

Exercises Importer

The first thing you have to do is to press the Select package button in order to look for the package you want to import. Once selected, its information will be displayed in the Package info section. Finally, you have to press the Import resources button to begin the import process. The bottom panel displays the progress and information about the import process.

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