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TRAZO is a software application aimed at writing tasks and is focused on the pre-writing stage, in which students learn the basic traces composing writing. This system stores a series of activities with different traces and involving varied difficulty levels. The activities are completed through a tablet PC or tactile screen. However, they can also be printed, completed and subsequently scanned.



This system stores the activities completed through a tactile screen and allows subsequent reproduction. The activities are stored under the name of each child. Besides, TRAZO also offers an automatic correction mechanism on the basis of certain parameters.



The results of the activities are stored, thus enabling the teacher to monitor the progress or development of his/her students. The activities can be arranged and visualized according to the students.



Dispositivos empleados

The activities can be completed on paper, tablet PC or tactile screen, as observed in the diagram. This software processes each activity in a different manner, and each device has its own features. While paper and tablet PC are quite similar, the activities on the tactile screen are completed with the fingers, thus allowing the development of other skills.


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Project report

Project presentation

Publication of Workshop ECTEL 08

Pictures of the software application in classroom


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